Tuesday 14 January 2014

I hope you are still praying...

I hope you are still praying for the 'woman priest' you adopted some time ago.  

What do you mean, you didn't spiritually adopt a woman priest? Rush over to Acts of the Apostasy at once and do so!

Likewise, I hope you are still praying for the abortionist you adopted (again if you have not yet adopted one, read this, and commit to praying for one).

If we seriously believe that attempts to ordain women and abortion are serious evils, and we seriously believe in prayer, then this is clearly the foundation of any Catholic response.

Unless we pray for those whom we see as committing evil, we risk coming to hate them which is bad for us, will do them no good, and will sabotage any other work we do, however well-intentioned, to fight these evils.

I have certainly found that regular prayer for both of these intentions has changed me (which must be one of the primary purposes of prayer) allowing me to think with compassion of those involved, without in any way lessening my conviction of the need to fight the evil they have got sucked into.

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