Saturday, 1 February 2014

Extraordinary Form Masses in Lancaster

A few people asked me how I had known of the recent Mass at Warwick Bridge, and why I hadn't told them about it earlier.

The how is simple: I get a regular email from the local LMS Reps (happily called Bob and Jane Latin - no, honestly!) If you are a member of the LMS in the diocese, with email, I am sure you cold arrange to do so too.

The why s also simple: I had assumed those interested would be on their email list. 

However, having learned that is not th case, I thought it might be helpful to post details here.

Lancaster Diocese Masses in the Extraordinary Form
February 2014

Sunday February 2nd at 6.00 pm
Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Christ the King, Harraby, Carlisle

Sunday February 9th at 3.00 pm
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
St Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster

Saturday February 22nd at 10.00 am
Chair of St Peter
Our Lady & St Wilfrid, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle

Mass is also celebrated every Sunday at 9.00 am
at St Mary Magdalene, Leyland Road, Penwortham.

Local Representatives: Bob & Jane Latin



As always, if you are travelling any distance, it is worth checking in advance that the scheduled Mass is still on: occasionally something may disrupt the schedule.

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