Friday, 21 February 2014

ACN Newsletter: Ukraine - Plea for Prayer

I have just received the latest eNewsletter from ACN, which I copy below.

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Ukraine - Plea for Prayer

Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, Aid to the Church in Need has stood with the faithful in Ukraine for many years. Please will you remember those whom we continue to help in your prayers at this crucial time.

The situation in Ukraine has now escalated to violence and bloodshed, but I write to you to relay Auxiliary Bishop Stanislav Szyrokoradiuk’s personal request in a telephone call to ACN, asking us to pray for peace in Ukraine and expressing his gratitude, on behalf of the people, for our solidarity at this time.

Bishop Stanislav brought us news that every day at 3pm the rosary is being said. He also told us that on Wednesday night the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was removed from one of the chapel tents on Maidan Square just five minutes before it burnt down during the general fighting. So the statue was saved and is still there. The Bishop said: “It is a sign of hope for us”.

In a further communication today, upon hearing the news of the announcement of early elections, Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki expressed his hope that “On these victims, on this blood that was shed, will grow democracy”. The Archbishop stated: “We are experiencing a great solidarity with the faithful not only from the neighbouring countries, but also from the whole world. So many are supporting us with their prayers, by remembering us and also through humanitarian aid. These gestures of solidarity are very important and dear to us.”

Please stand in solidarity as we all pray that a solution is reached that will bring true freedom and lasting peace to Ukraine.

Yours in Christ
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Neville Kyrke-Smith
UK National Director

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1 comment:

John Stefanyszyn said...

Leaders of the Catholic (general) church ….are directing “Christians” to pray for, to die for FREEDOM.

“The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church has called on the people to be ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the country's freedom…”....."We must stand up for our country, to be ready -- if necessary -- to sacrifice our lives in order to protect the sovereign, free, independent, and unified state."
Pope Francis has called on Christians around the world to pray for Ukraine, urging dialogue between the sides involved in the conflict.

These leaders, these commanders ( these “scorpions”) are directing “christians” to serve the god of freedom, the ‘god of fortresses” of President Obama….leader of the free world.
...and President Obama has confessed that this FREEDOM is the “light” and will of his ‘god’.

But the Lord Jesus Christ said to give to Ceasar what is caesar's and to give to the One God what belongs to the One God...the servitude and obedience to love Only Him and to do good to your friend or foe.

But man embraces instead his do what is right in his own eyes, to serve and magnify oneself (XES), to live by a FREEDOM that dictates that it is RIGHT (one’s self defined right) to be free to worship ANY ‘god’.

The return of the One King Jesus Christ is soon, and He will rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of the One Jehowah Elohim and NOT according to man’s first love for his “freedom”.

John Stefanyszyn
...a bondman of the One King Jesus Christ, Son of the One Creator God.