Friday 3 May 2013

By What Authority?

Here is the next stage in my analysis of the passages cut from the Sunday Gospels over the three year cycle.

For an explanation, see the first post in the series.

Today, I look at the second half of St Luke's Gospel. Once I have finished St John's, we can start to look at why some passages may have been cut...

As always, passages that have been cut and are not covered by one of the other Gospels are in bold.

The title of this post is doubly relevant (you can work that one out for yourself...)


Chapter 13 

10 - 17  Healing of Woman on Sabbath: Hypocrites: is there one of you who does not untie his ass on the Sabbath?   (St Luke only)

18 - 21 Kingdom of Heaven: Mustard seed; yeast. (St Matthew’s account used)

31 - 33 Herod: that fox...   (St Luke only)

34 - 35 Jerusalem: you kill the prophets...(St Matthew’s account used)

Chapter 14

2-6 Cure of man with dropsy on the Sabbath: is it lawful...? St Luke only

15- 24 The banquet and guests who refuse to come... (St Matthew’s account used)

34- 35 If salt loses its taste... (St Matthew’s account used)

Chapter 16

14 - 15 Pharisees love of money... (St Luke only)

16 Kingdom of heaven stormed... (corresponding passage from St Matthew also cut)

17 It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away... (St Matthew’s account used)

18 Whoever divorces his wife: adultery. (St Mark’s account used)


1 - 4 It were better a millstone... (St Matthew’s account used)

20 - 25 The coming of the Kingdom (corresponding passage from St Matthew also cut)

26 - 30 As in Noah’s day... (St Matthew’s account used)

31 - 37 Remember Lot’s wife... (St Luke only)

Chapter 18

15 - 17 Let the children come...  (St Mark’s account used)

18 - 27 How hard for the rich... (St Mark’s account used)

28 - 30 What of us, who left all...? (corresponding passage from St Matthew also cut)

31- 34 The Son of Man to be handed over... (cut from St Matthew and St Mark as well)

35 - 43 Healing of the blind man at Jericho (St Mark’s account used)

Chapter 19

11 - 27     Parable for the ten pounds (St Matthew’s account is used)

41 - 44 Weeping for Jerusalem: not one stone left... St Luke only

45 - 48 Expulsion of moneychangers (St John’s account used)

Chapter 20

1 - 8 By what authority? (Also cut from St Matthew and St Mark)

9- 19 The Vineyard (St Matthew’s account is used)

20 -26 Tribute to Caesar (St Matthew’s account is used)

39 - 44 Christ the Son of David? (Cut from St Matthew, too)

45 - 47 Beware of the Scribes... (St Matthew’s account is used)

Chapter 21

1-4 The Widow’s mite (St Mark’s account used)

20 - 25 Siege of Jerusalem  (Also cut from St Matthew and St Mark)

29 - 33 The fig tree (St Mark’s account used)

Chapter 22

1 - 13 Betrayal by Judas; the preparation for the Passover. (St Mark’s account used)


Ttony said...

"By what authority?" Indeed, indeed, indeed. The start of questions, and, the more I read and study, the last question.

I feel a bit like somebody at the 21 mile point at the London Marathon cheering somebody on - knowing - really knowing - what it is costing you, and also knowing what you are doing and why.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks Ttony.

But it feels more like the 15 mile mark...