Friday, 24 February 2012

Stations of the Cross

We are just back from Stations of the Cross: a fabulous devotion for the Fridays of Lent (pretty good for any Friday, or indeed any day, come to that.)

'Giving things up'  is only part of our Lenten observance.  As well as such penance, we are also to give alms (eg donations to charity etc) and pray more.  The Stations make an excellent extra prayer for this time of the year: very good for children, too.

A commenter on Fr Z's blog has posted a link to an Angelus Press .pdf containing St Alphonsus' stations and St Francis', complete with illustrations.  Well worth a visit: here.

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Richard Collins said...

Was a time when it was the norm to go into a church midweek and see people "doing the Stations" individually.
Now most of the churches appear to be locked and we only say the Stations during Lent.
Time for a new resolution for me to keep going throughout the year.