Monday, 6 February 2012

Charlie's Essay

I just saw this masterpiece on the Family computer when I had my lunchbreak.

I have always known that boys are different from girls, and Charlie is certainly very different from his sisters.  None of them could have penned this amazing piece of prose...

How important was violence, amongst other factors, in bringing about the failure of Chartism? 12

Violence was an important factor in the failure of Chartism. The Newport Rising and violence at several Chartist protests did lead to condemnation by many and a fear of their motivations (REVOLUTION). However, other factors did play a more important role in their failure. In my opinion the most important reason was the division between the leaders. The fact that they couldn’t agree on a common goal or how to reach it led to a disorganised structure. This led to Chartism becoming a more localised movement, and it didn’t get to many industrial towns. This was in an age before mass communication, so different towns had different concerns. This meant that the overall movement lacked support.

Another factor in the failure of Chartism was the total lack of money. This was a major setback once the movement had started as it meant that the spreading of it was very difficult.  Grandma is behind me, coming into the room, I can hear her… puts a mug down. Picks it up. To the sink! Puts it down. Splashes water wanders away… breathes coughs. Shuffles about. Puts a mug away. Jingles all the mugs. ANNOYING. Shuts cupboard walkes towards sink. TEAPOT?emptyyies it, fills it empties it fills it empties it.WHAT? I think it is full now, she put it on boil. Now she gets things out cupboards. Farts. UGH. Tinkle water tinkle tinkle. Breathes LOTS. Sniff. OOoooohh now shes wiping down surfaces, empties the washing up bowl. LOUD WATER LOUD. Please to go granma? Stop all watering! Still wiping things.gkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeelllllllnnnnnbjv j    fj kd doihbdiohdx.fhib z bold? p whio put bold on? Turn bold off.


Lazarus said...

Currently trying to bully mine to take various exams more seriously with analogous (but less amusing!) results. Mightn't be a grade A history essay, but he can be proud of it as a piece of comic writing!

Ben Trovato said...


What's worrying is that he probably never noticed the transition from Chartism to Grandma, any more than he did from regular to bold font, until later, with hindsight...