Monday, 27 February 2012

God Bless Our Bishop

At yesterday's EF Mass at Lancaster Cathedral (as indeed at all Masses in the Diocese yesterday) a pastoral letter from our bishop was read out.  You can download it here.

He started by placing Lent in the context of the imitation of Christ, who fasted for forty days in the desert, where he was tempted and tried by the devil (yes, our bishop mentioned the devil, God bless him - the bishop, I mean of course...).

But the thrust of the letter was a call to confession: 

My dear people, as you will know, in every parish church in the Diocese of Lancaster on each Wednesday evening of Lent there will be the opportunity for Confession and Sacramental Reconciliation. We have called this initiative The Light is On for You because the light of God’s grace will shine for each person who avail themselves of this wonderful sacrament. I recognise that for many people the sacrament of Confession has long been missing from their lives, but I now urge and encourage you to enter into your own hearts, as Christ did in the wilderness, and there encounter in joy the Father of mercies in this sacramental moment of Reconciliation. And your own experience of healing and peace will enable you to point others in the direction of this truly unique sacrament. Let nothing hold you back!

 I have blogged before about his Light is On initiative: this pastoral letter is further evidence of a bishop leading his flock back to Christ.  We are blessed indeed, so please pray for him!

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