Sunday, 5 February 2012

Anglican Exegesis?

I heard a senior chappy from the Anglicans on the Sunday programme this morning, explaining how the kind of homosexuality condemned in the Bible was very different from that we have now.  Since Civil Partnerships were introduced. we now have the experience of faithful, committed homosexuals who live lives of witness etc etc. The Bible clearly wasn’t speaking about this kind of homosexuality at all.  Therefore we really ought to look again at the issue of gay marriage.

I like this game.  I heard of a chap who used to steal a penny a week from the bank accounts of seriously rich people in order to feed his family.  Clearly there are no instances like that in the Bible, so we should look again at the prohibition on theft.

Also, I know some lovely atheists, who regularly buy their mothers flowers, help blind people over the road: quite different from the non-believers in the Bible.  So let’s discard the first commandment too. 
Where will it all end?  A road paved with good intentions...

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Jonathan Marshall said...

Buggery is buggery. End of story.