Monday, 25 July 2011

Popular posts

I've just been having a quick look at my stats, and was interested to see which have been the most popular posts.

Here are the top five.

1 Methodist 'ordinations' at Catholic Cathedral?...

2 The Rubrics (?) of the New Translation

3 Liturgical infantilism v. liturgical wisdom

4 Beyond Satire: Queuing as Reverence

5 Ave, Regina Caelorum

Some of the reasons for this are more about exposure than intrinsic merit. The Methodist 'Ordinations' post was picked up by James Preece and others, and credited (though with what basis, I don't know) in the Catholic Herald with contributing towards the Vatican's blocking of the proposed 'ordinations'. Likewise, the Liturgical infantilism post was awarded WDTPRS kudos on Fr Z's blog, which caused a flurry of hits.

Not quite so sure why the others scored so highly apart from their intrinsic merit, of course!

Over the last month, the top posts have been:

1 The Rubrics (?) of the New Translation (not sure why?...)

2 So, to summarise... (mentioned by James Preece which generated a lot of hits)

3 Non-directive Abortion Counselling (subject of a number of posts around the place including Catholic Herald)

4 More on non-directional counselling (ditto)

5 Tell Out My Soul (not sure why...)

Any reader insights welcome!


leutgeb said...

Basically, we all need to read your blog carefully because it's where the zeitgeist gets its ideas and then things get done.

My top posts are two pictures of flowers and The Italian Job.

'nuff said.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks leutgeb, though I think you undersell your blog: all the posts on music are erudite and interesting for example - and there's nothing wrong with Delphiniums or roses - let alone The Italian Job.

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