Thursday, 21 July 2011

CTS aren't the villains of the piece...

I have had a further tweet from CTS responding to my query about the status of the ¿rubrics? (Reading all that Spanish has given me a taste for inverted question marks!)

CTSpublishers CatholicTruthSociety
@CCFather We will try to clarify. Part of the trouble has been trying to fit a now much longer text into an affordable booklet size.

I have no doubt (and this is confirmed, I think, by their earlier comment that 'There was much last-minute editing on these booklets due to changes we received late,') that they did not write the rubrics (if such they are) which I was calling into question.

So on the cock-up/conspiracy front, I think we can say they have held their hands up honourably to a few mistakes due to the rush and last-minute changes - but the conspiracy I imagine (to keep us in ignorance of our right to kneel for communion etc) originates elsewhere...

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