Saturday, 30 July 2011


Is there anyone out there who can design a cool logo of some sort for men who have never used a condom to put in their blogs or www sites?

It's a serious question, as I think we need to bear witness to the fact that there are many of us, that we are healthy, and that we stay that way (and if married respect our wives that way) by the simple (though difficult) practice of chastity.

Condom-free zone?...


Rob Crompton said...

Wouldn't that just be seen as a label
for bloggers to advertise their own

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, it might be. But then anything one does may be interpreted in a negative way.

In our current culture, I believe there is a real need to witness to the possibility - and indeed the lived reality - of an alternative to the dominant condom culture.

And I don't really care if people misinterpret it and cast negative judgements on me for doing so.