Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Still buzzing

Bernie had been in two minds about going to see the Holy Father. Of course she wanted to go, but it was a long way (they left on Friday night and got back on Sunday afternoon - spent two nights on the coach...) and it was a very busy time: she's putting together her applications for University at the moment, including an art portfolio, and so on, so could ill afford a weekend away.

And she is absolutely delighted she went. The Holy Father was 'a legend', she reports, and his repeated call to the young people to become saints really touched a chord. It is not just what she says; she can't talk about the trip without a broad smile taking over her face, and laughter - the type of laughter that is the welling up of happiness - bursting through.

She's still buzzing with it, and I'm sure the whole trip will have a profound long-term effect on her - and on countless others.

Ad multos annos.

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