Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fascinating meetings with Hawking

A parallel me was operating as a string in a parallel universe yesterday (except it was't really yesterday as time works rather differently there) and I bumped into a Professor Stephen Hawking.

Fascinatingly, he poured scorn on M-theory and rubbished it for postulating more dimensions and more universes than are necessary to solve the problems it is designed to address.

He was rather dismissive of the Stephen Hawking in this universe, claiming that he didn't exist and it wasn't necessary for him to be invented.

However, in another universe, the Stephen Hawking there (who manifests as a hyper-intelligent shade of the colour blue) told the Ben Trovato there that both were wrong and that M-theory had to be combined with N-theory to to produce Theory-S which was a proper theory of everything.

And so it was as I visited my other selves across many universes: each Stephen Hawking was more sure than the last that the others were wrong. The only thing they all agreed on was that whichever one I was talking to at the time was right and that each could prove the non-existence of God.

Meanwhile the deluded BBC here continues to adulate the Stephen Hawking here as he appears to validate their particular world-view, despite the fact that numerous other Stephen Hawkings in many other unknown universes clearly think he's quite mistaken.

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