Sunday, 19 September 2010

She's back

Bernie has just got back from her trip to London to see the Holy Father.

She was in the piazza outside the Cathedral yesterday morning for the Mass and Papal Address, and then marched to Hyde Park for the afternoon entertainment and the Vigil in the evening, with Papal Benediction.

She is absolutely buzzing with how wonderful it all was: the music, the crowds, the liturgies, the nuns, the good humour - and above all the Holy Father himself.

She also had wry observations on the fact that many young people (herself included) sang Praise to the Holiest with far more zest than the stuff youth are supposed to prefer...

And she made some new friends among her fellow pilgrims, as well as meeting some old friends.

The Papal visit has been a huge success and I'm sure will be the cause of countless blessings for years to come.

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