Friday, 5 September 2008

More Discord...

Another reason why I think the Accord project is seriously flawed is the assumption made, without any evidence, that Faith schools are socially divisive.

I believe that people strongly and positively educated in (say) the Catholic Faith are able to be more understanding of and more compassionate towards those who are different from themselves. Look at how people of strong Faith can work in the missions in any culture on earth with compassion and courage.

It is those who are insecure in themselves who are scared of others. and who form the gangs and cliques that are so divisive.

It's a bit like the flawed argument for co-educational schooling: that only by raising kids of each sex together can we foster good understanding between the sexes. But time has shown that not only is co-education bad for education, it has also done nothing to enhance the quality of relationship and understanding between the sexes.

Raising manly men and women who are confident in their identity as women is a much surer way - and that may well be done better in s (good) single sex environment.


George Carmody said...

"...the assumption made, without any evidence, that Faith schools are socially divisive."

I agree. Isn't it ironic that it's the secularists who base their beliefs on blind, unreasoning faith? And it's not as if the secularised state education system has produced a generation of fully socialised young adults who believe in and practise the concepts of community and concern about their neighbours (i.e. a non-divisive society).

Ben Trovato said...

I think one of the great betrayals of recent times was the capitulation by all the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge to the (PC) co-educational model, when the research data suggested that single sex education works better....

Notice how the notion of choice - a sacred cow in other arenas - doesn't even get a look-in. If you want to choose an all male college, you can't.

Evidence is only brought to bear when it suits a pre-determined agenda. Otherwise (as with abortion, 'brain-death' etc) it is quietly ignored.