Friday, 19 September 2008

Attack on our children

The relentless drive to sexualise our children continues: "A sex education booklet aimed at six-year-olds has been published by a UK sexual health charity,' reports the Times and the BBC. The 'charity' concerned is FPA, (formerly the Family Planning Association.)

Sexual health is one of those terms that means different things to different people. To fpa it means: 'the capacity and freedom to enjoy and express sexuality without fear of exploitation, oppression, physical or emotional harm”. A strange definition of health...

Note in particular that it is the fear of harm they seek to eradicate, not the harm itself. Their philosophy and policies lead to huge amounts of physical and emotional harm... but as long as nobody fears it...

Their 'services' of course are contraception and abortion, and their top current campaign is to extend the abortion laws to Northern Ireland, against the wishes of the people there.

And these are the people seeking to 'educate' our kids - our six year old kids! - about sexual health.

Ours are, of course, already excused from such education (see my earlier posts about that - follow the Sex Education tag for details.


George Carmody said...

I just love the way the FPA has morphed into an acronym. Presumably because planning families is no longer their aim? It always amazed me that people are prepared to accept that "planning" is a synonym for "prevention" and "destruction". The absurdity can be demonstrated by an everyday example:
"I am planning to have an extension on my house," means "I am destroying or preventing the extension on my house".
Just the same really, isn't it?

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, the name change is very telling isn't it. As is their www site... worth a look on the basis of knowing the enemy.