Saturday, 20 September 2008

Kill the Useless

Baronness Warnock - who chaired the Human Fertilisation and Embryology committee that culminated in the Warnock report - has revealed quite how corrupted her thinking really is.

This aging ethicist proclaimed on a BBC interview that not only should those who are useless and costly (because of Alzheimers) be allowed to choose assisted suicide, but also that - being useless and costly - they should want to die.

To their credit the Alzheimers Association were quick to condemn her ignorant and hostile remarks.

Mary Warnock was made a Baronness after giving the required answer in the Warnock Report - that anything goes.

And so the enemies of humanity march on...


George Carmody said...

Two points:
1. Warnock's definition of a useless, costly and time-wasting individual could equally apply to many of the chav generation. Taken to its logical conclusion eugenicists will ask for social inferiors to be "terminated" before too long. But isn't that what the likes of Marie Stopes were asking for early last century?
2. Although there was near universal condemnation of Warnock's eugenicist views, that sadly could change in a short time. I remember the first hostile public reaction to the suggested use of stem cells from aborted foetuses, but as soon as bad scientists started telling the media fibs that miracle cures would result (they haven't of course), public opposition faded away.

Ben Trovato said...

You are right. The history of the eugenics movement in the last century is very revealing: it's greatest success being the implementation of ethnic cleansing by Hitler. But of course, we don't learn that kind of history. And those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. I fear we are in for some terrible times ahead.

Working as I do with a number of Universities, I am also very cynical about academic researchers and the claims they make to advance their interests. But the public seems to lap them up...