Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dishonest Accord

According to the BBC "The Accord coalition is made up of religious leaders, humanists and teachers who have come together to call for, not an end to, but a change to faith schools." (See New Pressure over Faith Schools:

But when you read that they want to:

A) ensure that teachers in Faith Schools are not selected on the basis of their Faith
B) ensure that pupils in Faith Schools are not selected on the basis of their Faith
C) ensure that religious education in Faith Schools is 'an objective, fair and balanced syllabus for education about religious and non-religious beliefs'

you realise that what they want is the destruction of Faith Schools.

For how could a school be a Faith school if the teachers, the pupils and the teaching are none of them inspired by a Faith?

Accord would be more honest to admit that it seeks the end of Faith Schools.

Their dishonesty does them no credit at all.


David Obeid said...

Sounds like "Catholic education" in Australia already.

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, here too. We've pulled our kids out of a 'Catholic' School as it risked doing more harm than good...

David Obeid said...

Good for you Ben.

I work as a teacher in a "catholic" school and hence have homeschooled my children from the outset.