Friday, 6 March 2015

Unsung Heroes (1)

This is the first (and quite possibly the last) in a series of posts on unsung heroes of the modern day.

Professor David Paton is a long-time SPUC supporter. As an academic, his public support of, and frequent appearances for, SPUC, as well as his recently giving evidence at the House of Commons to the Inquiry on PSHE and SRE, in his capacity as a Professor of Economics who has done research in that area, will earn him few professional friends. Academia is a difficult environment for those who risk going against the degenerate consensus on social issues.

I was reminded of him when I saw that he had had a letter published in The Times the other day. It is behind a paywall on their website, but I thought it of particular interest to readers of this blog:

Dear Editor,

The Oxfordshire Serious Case Review is the latest of a series of reports in which it is clear that the provision of contraception to minors by sexual health services has played a significant role in perpetuating child sexual abuse.

The Review calls for all under-16s to have a risk assessment for abuse before being provided with contraception.  Although this is a step forward, it does not go far enough.  The Fraser Guidelines stipulate that minors can be given contraception without parental knowledge as long as they are mature enough to give their true consent.  As the Review points out there is an inherent contradiction in deeming children as being able to “consent to contraception long before they are able legally to have sex”.  A 13 year old should never be considered mature enough to consent to sexual activity and it is time for the Government to make this clear to all health professionals.

Yours faithfully,

David Paton (Professor)

Nottingham University Business School

Succinct and to the point - and very brave.

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Patricius said...

We (my good bedfellow and myself) saw this in the paper and thought it the truest contribution to the discussion. Viva Mrs Gillick!