Thursday, 12 March 2015

Indexing the Muniment Room

I have long been a fan of Ttony's blog, The Muniment Room. He posts fascinating, well-researched pieces covering a range of topics relevant to believing Catholics.

However, his blog has no search function (update: see comments below), and he does not tag his posts either (the rotter!)

I had occasion today to look up his posts on the infamous National Pastoral Congress of 1980, which he identifies as the turning point in English Catholicism, from the traditional Faith to the new project.

These are uniformly excellent - and indeed essential reading for anyone interested in how we got to where we are; and by where we are, I mean a Church in England and Wales where the so-called pastoral approach has so diluted and confused the Faithful that moral and doctrinal chaos abounds.

So as a service to my delightful and discerning readership, here's the full list of those posts (though I don't guarantee its completeness). Go, read, and pray...

NB: This is part one of a one-off project: I am not indexing the whole of The Muniment Room (Ttony please note!)


Catholic Mission said...

How did we not get here?

SSPX 'spokesman' : Theology of Vatican Council II is in agreement with the strict interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus

Vatican Council II (premise-free) agrees with the SSPX position on an ecumenism of return and non Christians needing to convert for salvation

Mark said...

“his blog has no search function”

As far as I can see, it does. I think all blogspot blogs do – at the top left next to the Blogger B. It’s not clear that it’s a site search, but it is.

What I think may have changed is that now you need to respond to the prompt about cookies (legal changes?) before it appears.

Ben Trovato said...


Thanks: you are quite right.

Do you know, before posting this, I looked again at his site to check that it didn't - and it wasn't there...

But now, it is.

So I was clearly wrong.

I knew it would come to this....

Ttony said...

"I am not indexing the whole of The Muniment Room."

Please don't worry on my account - you have my full permission.

Catholic Mission said...

How did we not get here earlier?

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