Wednesday 25 March 2015

Brave Priests

I was very heartened to read the letter sent by over 450 priests to the Catholic Herald. This was a brave move, especially in the light of the reports that there 'has been a certain amount of pressure not to sign the letter and indeed a degree of intimidation from some senior Churchmen.'

I was also heartened to note the range and variety of the signatories: there were names expected and less expected, and representing all areas of the nation (as far as I could tell) and, particularly importantly, all age groups. To my knowledge some of these brave priests are very long serving, working well past retirement age, in the service of their people and their God.  Others are recently ordained, showing that this is not some old-fashioned idea, but something the younger generation see with equal clarity. And many are in between: mature men of mature faith. Likewise there were Benedictines, Jesuits, Dominicans and so on, as well as secular priests.

Furthermore, I know of priests who did not sign but would have done so had they received the invitation (the database used was imperfect, like just about every other database...) and I suspect others (including my PP) simply didn't get through their mail in time, given the huge workload many face.

So pray for them all; and pray that the laity are similarly zealous in informing their bishops of the importance of this issue: and write to your bishop.

I end by quoting Fr Finigan (see his full post here):

'One or two lay people have asked if a letter could be organised for laity to sign. I would recommend lay people to keep in touch with Voice of the Family and to share ideas with them because they are a specifically lay group. Priests and laity each have their own important apostolates

Anybody, priest or lay faithful, who agrees with the priests' letter can help by using their own social media channels to publicise the letter and speak to others about the key points in it.

It is also open to every member of the Christian Faithful (clerics and laity) to manifest their concerns to the Holy See. Here are two possible addresses to write to:

HE Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri
Secretary General, Synod of Bishops
Palazzo del Bramante
Via della Conciliazione, 34
00193 Roma

HE Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Müller
Prefect for The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11
00193 Rome Italy

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Patricius said...

I thanked our priest this a.m. for being a signatory. I think it important to support all our good priests and let them know we are behind them. Like yourself I was much impressed by the breadth of representation. Noone can claim "the usual suspects".