Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Christmas Verse

A few days ago, I promised some 21st century poetry. I am not sure I can honour that promise, but here is some 21st century verse...

A Christmas Verse

Our mighty Father's timeless Word,
Creator of the earth and skies,
Of man and mountain, beast and bird:
Our God within a manger lies.

To undo evil wrought by hate
In paradise, by Satan's lies,
When Adam of the apple ate:
Our God within a manger lies.

He left his high celestial throne
Remaining hidden from the wise
And calls the shepherd-folk his own:
Our God within a manger lies.

The mighty One whose power made
All things, now powerless He cries,
He's hungry, cold, and e'en afraid: 
Our God within a manger lies.

The stars He set to rule the night
Are dimmed by Mary's tender eyes
Alight with love as in her sight
Her God within the manger lies.

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost 
The Angels sing in their surprise,
And we rejoice with Heaven's host:
Our God within a manger lies.



Patricius said...

I like it. Perhaps a word might be improved here or there but I've seen a lot worse!

Happy Christmas!

Ben Trovato said...


Thanks for your kind words, and indeed for all your comments on my posts, which I always read with interest and enjoyment. Have a blessed and joyful Christmas.