Sunday, 11 August 2013

Prayers for Baby Eddie

I have been asked by @londonistar to write a post about Baby Eddie, and am delighted to do so.

To be honest, until I was asked, I hadn't followed the story at all. I had seen the occasional tweet from @londonistar asking for prayers for Baby Eddie, said an Ave, and carried on.

However, having looked at the facebook page, I was profoundly moved by this story.  Eddie was nearly drowned in a terrible accident in June, and has been in a coma ever since.

The facebook page charts his journey - and his parents' - from then to now, and very moving it is.

I was particularly touched, as a friend of ours was in a car accident a while back, and in a coma for several months, but is now recovering and astonishing her doctors at every turn.  I hope and pray for the same happy outcome for Eddie. And ask you to pray for him too.


Patti Fordyce said...

Like you, I was slow to pick up on this one, but I'm running round Rome roping in as many saints and blesseds as I can.

Alison said...

My sister knows the family and notified me. Our hearts are breaking for them all. Everyday Alex and I check in on Eddie and some days I have the words but mostly I don't. Their Catholic faith is the best witness I have ever encountered. Pure love. No show just pure love. If you read Papa Waynes posts on Gods miracles you will see what I mean. I appreciate those of you who have been in touch already to offer prayers, Lourdes water and offer up Masses. Thank you. Praying for Beatrice was I hope a comfort to her mum through a difficult time. Tammy is suffering greatly and wants her baby home. Her pain is tremendous and affects me greatly as I know it does others. Please keep praying. If Catholic Twitter can bring any good it would be through a collective application to prayer for the life of this boy and many other children in comas. I can think of no greater pro life witness. God deliver him from his suffering and make him whole. Return him to his mother please.

Alison said...

And can I just add to that and say a big thanks indeed to Patti, Moira, Tony, Adrian, Gareth, Colette, Maureen and you for the continuing outpouring of prayers, candles, Lourdes water and Masses offered + the RTs. It *is* all making a difference of that there is no doubt. The family also value every like, post, comment they get. It is keeping them going.