Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's all happening...

So tonight, for the first time for ages, we will have everyone under one roof.

Ant is just back from a road trip in the USA with some university friends; Bernie has been down in London and parts south (Kent? does that ring a bell?) visiting friends and seeing the sights; Dominique is just back from a whistlestop tour of Italy, taking in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Pisa, Garda, Venice and who knows where else in 10 days. Charlie has been at home, but we managed a trip to the Media Museum with him as he's interested in film.

But tonight all are home (or will be: Ant is out playing frisbee somewhere, and Bernie is working till midnight).

Tomorrow the big two are both working, and Charlie and Dominique are off to Lightwater Valley Theme Park for the day; so Anna and I (and Goldie) will go to Fountains Abbey for an outing of our own: always a fantastic place to visit.

Thursday, of course, is the Feast of the Assumption - and also the day Charlie gets his AS results.  So it would be kind of you to say a prayer for him. He is not that confident they will meet his mother's expectations...

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