Sunday 28 April 2013

Whatever Happened to Faith to Move Mountains?

So, for my long-suffering reader, here is another geek post in my series in which I look at the Lectionary; and specifically, examine which passages have been cut from the Gospels to be read on Sundays through the three year cycle.

For the background, and my analysis of the first half of St Matthew's Gospel, see here; for the rest of St Matthew, here, and for the first half of St Mark, here.

In this post, I finish St Mark's Gospel, and celebrate the halfway stage of the project!  

My hope is, eventually, to summarise all the omissions, and see if there are any patterns, and what conclusions, if any, we can draw.

I have also posted, thanks to Ttony of the Muniment Room, Bugnini's apologia for the new Lectionary.

So without further ado here are the passages cut from St Mark's Gospel (Ch 9 ff), with those that are not represented by a parallel passage from another Gospel in bold.

Chapter 9

 1 There are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power. (Only in St Mark)

11- 13  ‘Why do the scribes say Elijah must come first?’ (Also cut from St Matthew)

14- 29 The epileptic demoniac (the parallel passages from St Matthew and St Luke are also omitted.)

44, 46 Where the worm dies not, nor does the fire go out (repeated at v. 48 which is included)

49 If salt loses its flavour. (St Matthew’s version used)

Chapter 10 

1 Leaving there, he went to Judaea... and crowds gathered... and he taught them   (Only in St Mark)  

31 The first, last...  (St Matthew’s version used)

32-34  Prophecy of passion and death (the parallel passages from St Matthew and St Luke are also omitted.)

46 -  52 Bartimaeus (St Luke’s account used).

Chapter 11

11: He entered the temple... looked around... and left. (Only in St Mark)

12-13 & 20 - 21 - The fig tree (Also omitted from St Matthew)

14 - 19 Expulsion of moneylenders (St John’s account used)

22- 24 Faith to move mountains (Also cut from St Matthew)

25 Forgive, that you may be forgiven (Also cut from St Matthew)

27 - 33 By what authority? (Also cut from St Matthew and St Luke)

Chapter 12

1: 11 Parable of the vineyard (St Matthew’s version used)

12 They realised he was talking about them (Also cut from St Matthew) 

13- 17 Render unto Caesar (St Matthew’s version used)

18 - 28a, Sadducees and the Resurrection: the seven brothers.  [St Luke’s version used.]

35-37 Christ, the son of David? (Also cut from St Matthew and St Luke)

Chapter 13 

1 - 2 Temple: not a single stone left on another...  [St Luke’s version used.]

3 - 13 End times  [St Luke’s version used.]

14 -  23 Abomination of Desolation...  [St Luke’s version used.]

Chapter 16 

8-14, The women ran, frightened, and told nobody... Mary Magdalen not believed... Appears to the Twelve and reproaches them. (Other Evangelists' account used, but many of these details are unique to St Mark).

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