Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Vagaries of Blogging

I posted a couple of things earlier this week that seemed to me to be original, interesting, and squarely aligned with the probable readership of this blog: one on the Modality of Chant, the other on the omissions of Gospel passages from the new lectionary.

They have got just over 40 and 50 views, respectively.

I also posted a trivial post about a subject that I know and care little about, which was widely covered by practically every blog out there, and where I had nothing to say except a disclaimer, a joke and a reference to a mildly relevant book: on the late Baroness Thatcher.  It has had ten times that many hits.

So, nothing daunted, I will shortly be posting more on the Modality of Chant.

But I do wonder why the boring Thatcher post got ten times the hits of the more interesting and important Chant and Lectionary posts.



New post on the Modality of Chant is now posted.

1 comment:

Mark Lambert said...

Because it's topical, everyone is talking about it, and everyone is interested in your view on it!