Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Twitterangelus Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of Twitterangelus.  Every day, at 6.00 am, noon and 6 pm (in both British and some other timezones) people on twitter pause to say the Angelus together (or, at the moment of course, the Regina Caeli). The most frequent languages prayed are Latin, English and Italian.

The genesis of twitterangelus is explained here.  Special thanks are due to:

  • Mark Lambert, whose initial response was the cause of it happening at all;
  • Part Time Pilgrim, who noticed the initial exchange, and called for its repetition;
  • Caral James who had the initial idea of posting tweet-sized text, for ease of tweeting, laying the foundations for the Twitterangelus wwwsite;
  • Marc Puckett who set up the Twitterangelus wwwsite, which hosts all the prayers for Twitterangelus in tweet-sized versions, complete with appropriate hashtags, in many languages;
  • Kimberly Hartman who tweets Twitterangelus faithfully in the US;
  • Mark Dobson who tweets the Italian edition of Twitterangelus;
  • and all who join us, regularly or occasionally, online or not, to pray in honour of our Blessed Mother.

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