Wednesday, 13 February 2013

By the Babe Unborn

By the Babe Unborn

                If trees were tall and grasses short,
                  As in some crazy tale,
                If here and there a sea were blue
                  Beyond the breaking pale,
                If a fixed fire hung in the air
                  To warm me one day through,
                If deep green hair grew on great hills,
                  I know what I should do.
                In dark I lie; dreaming that there
                  Are great eyes cold or kind,
                And twisted streets and silent doors,
                  And living men behind.
                Let storm clouds come: better an hour,
                  And leave to weep and fight,
                Than all the ages I have ruled
                  The empires of the night.
                I think that if they gave me leave
                  Within the world to stand,
                I would be good through all the day
                  I spent in fairyland.
                They should not hear a word from me
                  Of selfishness or scorn,
                If only I could find the door,
                  If only I were born.

G.K. Chesterton

I was prompted to post this by the moving poem just published by Richard Collins, and written by his brother. 

I think a collection of pro-life poems on the web would be a great undertaking (if it has not already been undertaken)...


Richard Collins said...

Thank you for the link Ben and an excellent suggestion.

GenXalogy said...

As an English teacher in a Catholic school I often share poetry which presents some of the negatives of abortion with my senior classes. I highly recommend Spike Milligan's "Unto Us", and yoonoos peerbocus' "Abortion" and Gwendolyn Brooks' "The Mother". I find teenagers who are otherwise argumentative or cynical are emotionally affected by the poems and find them very persuasive.