Saturday, 9 February 2013

A mirror image

I was fascinated to read this post by  the Dean of Durham Cathedral.

In many ways, it is almost the mirror image of my post here.  It argues that the Church (of England) has managed to accommodate itself to contraception, divorce and remarriage, and the legalisation of homosexual acts; so it is intemperate to get too concerned about Same Sex 'Marriage.'  (And he could have added abortion to the list, of course.)

In its own way, the logic is pretty sound.  However, I argue precisely the other way: it was in accommodating to all these other attacks on the integrity of marriage that we have enabled this latest assault on it.

And the Dean seems to have a couple of massive blind-spots, one spiritual and one historical.

Does he not reflect on the fact that there might be issues of truth, relating to the Divine Will as revealed through Scripture and tradition, that should be considered here?

And does he not suspect that the decline in the COE might have something to do with its constant accommodation to the sliding standards of the World (not to mention the flesh and the Devil)?


Patricius said...

Agree but with one qualification. The CofE's consistent accommodation has not been to the World, considered broadly, but to the standards of our rulers. The moral rot in the body politic, so to speak, has ever, in my opinion, been from the top down.

Ben Trovato said...

Patricius: I don't disagree - the fish rots from the head. But in fact, I think that the warnings about 'the world' tend to relate to 'worldly powers.'