Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pushing the Boundaries

The BBC has announced a witty new comedy series, finding the hilarity in euthanasia (or assisted suicide as they euphemistically call it).

Eccles and Blondpidge have said most of what has to be said on this topic.

I would just add that the Greeks knew a thing or two: they saw drama as sacred; not something for everyday, but something of profundity serving a noble purpose.

The need of the modern 24/7 entertainment media to titillate ever more (due to the law of diminishing returns) will inevitably mean that 'edgy' comedy has to 'push the boundaries' further and further back. To the extent that very soon what Eccles prophesies (and worse) will indeed come to pass.

And of course, the BBC has the additional duty of softening us up, as a society, for change in the desired direction.

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