Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is the 6th birthday of this blog.

I had announced on Twitter that, in order to show how deeply comfortable I am with modernity, and to refute any sense that I have old-fashioned values and attitudes, I would celebrate by re-naming this blog Counter Cultural Parent B.

However, the indomitable Mulier Fortis threatened to remove me from her blog roll if I did so, and I don't dare call her bluff.

So instead, I thought I would mention some of my favourite posts over the years - not those my readers like most (hah, who needs readers anyway!?) but those I remember off the top of my head, without too much effort, as being fun to write or to look back on...

Hubris and treehouses and dens seem to me to capture a lot of our family's feel...

Liturgical Infantilism vs Liturgical Wisdom still seems a good post - and was the one and only post I've written that got a Fr Z Kudos!

I like to think that Methodist 'Ordinations' in a Catholic Cathedral?... contributed to the decision not to proceed with that.

And I still like Our Father's House - a short fable.

And finally, whilst I am normally lazy and shoddy with my research (if any) the one post I spent a lot of time on in a geeky kind of way, was also a lot of fun to write - and I think worthwhile: The Rubrics (?) of the New Translation

The other thing I like is my bio in the side bar - written six years ago (and only the Italian has been changed, as I got it wrong initially!) and it still seems a fair summary.

Of course, there are many other gems in the back catalogue, but I feel this post is already a bit self-congratulatory, even for a birthday celebration, so I shall stop here.


(Oh, just remembered this: as Mr Pooter said, I don't make jokes very often...  Oh yes, and this, too...)

Enough! Ed.


Lazarus said...

Happy birthday!!

Yes, I've always liked the bio as well. Has Anna still not twigged that you're a blogger??

Ben Trovato said...


I haven't liked to ask...

But given we've entertained people here whom I met through blogging and tweeting, I think it may have dawned on her.

Mac McLernon said...

Good decision, Mr. Trovato. Very wise... I shall leave you on the roll... But I'm watching you...

(Oh, and happy blogiversary!)

Mark said...

Ed? You need to update the bio if you’ve had another alphabetical child.