Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Catholic Joke

In a small Parish Church in Ireland, O’Reilly the painter was perched up in the eaves, touching up the last nooks and crannies.

Down below, Mrs O’Shea arrived to say her rosary.

Feeling a little mischievous, O’Reilly called out: ‘Hello, down there; this is Jesus calling!

But Mrs O’Shea simply carried on with her rosary.

Imagining that she hadn’t heard, he called again, a little louder: ‘Hello, down there; this is Jesus calling!’

Still, no response.

So he gave it his all, calling as loud as he dared: ‘Hello, down there; this is Jesus calling!

Mrs O’Shea, pushed beyond endurance, finally replied: ‘Whisht now! And will ye be quiet: I’m talkin’ to your Mother!’


Beware, more jokes follow. I'm in jocund mood.


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