Monday, 26 March 2012

What price Gay Marriage?

How much do you think a Tory party donor might have given to the Party in order to get his paper on gay marriage considered and acted on?

£200,000?  £250,000?  More?

Intriguing, isn't it?  From nowhere, this suddenly became a policy to which the Prime Minister was committed, and about which the only public consultation is to be 'how', not 'whether'.

Those of us wondering why this was suddenly so high on David Cameron's agenda were fascinated by the claims made at the weekend by Peter Cruddas, that a gay donor had bought access and influence...

Protect the Pope carries the full story.


It appears that Cruddas was referring to someone who submitted a paper expressing anger at gay marriage proposals (and Protect the Pope's post above has been updated accordingly). 

Which is curious, given that Cruddas said 'his voice has been heard.' Of course, believing practically any senior politician on practically anything is something of a triumph of hope over experience, so perhaps we are none the wiser.

The question still remains: what brought this to the top of Cameron's agenda?  None of the credible answers to that question are particularly positive...

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David O'Neill said...

I too was questioning the 'consultations' spoken of by Archbishops Vincent Nichols & Peter Smith, so much so that I wrote to both following my reading of their joint letter. Archbishop Smith responded that they were awaiting the outcome of the 'consultations' when I challenged why their letter had been really without leadership to the Faithful. Surely if we await the 'consultations' it will be a done deal with little, if any, chance of the repeal of a law. Perhaps we should all write to our bishops asking for guidance regarding which political party to support. Having said that all parties seem determined to be led by a vociferous minority of homosexuals & lesbianstheir 'liberal' hangers on. I refuse to destroy that wonderful word 'gay' by applying it to them.