Friday, 16 March 2012

A Bogus Consultation

The Government's Consultation on Same Sex Marriages is clearly bogus.

They have already decided what they intend to do, and the consultation is a cynical attempt to make it look as though they have some sort of mandate to do it.  They have not. Nor do they have the power, the competence nor the right to abolish marriage and replace it with a meaningless romantic construct.

I was going to analyse the Consultation document, but awoke to find that The Thirsty Gargoyle has done a far better job that I would have done, here.

It is also worthy of note that the survey can only be completed once from one computer: so those of us married couples with only one computer will find that one of us is excluded.  Likewise, those who have access to several, or to iPads etc, have multiple votes.

Laurence 'The Bones' England has produced another fascinating bit of analysis, showing who is actually funding the LGBT lobby, here. Does that explain why it is such a priority for a government which (one might imagine) has more pressing concerns to address?

Finally, the assurance offered to pacify religious people that they will not be required to conduct Same Sex Marriages are worth precisely the same as the assurances we were given in '67/68 that nobody would be forced to participate in abortions against their will - that is absolutely nothing.

For the agenda here is not about equal legal rights -that has already been achieved with Civil Partnerships - it is about culture change: legislating for equal esteem and approval.  And while the Church (and the other Christian denominations, and religions) continues to witness to the truth, the battle will continue.

UPDATE: An important, if rather unpleasant, question that has not been addressed is that of consummation of so-called same sex marriages.  Cranmer has blogged on it: unpleasant reading but a very important subject.


Caedmon said...

If you clear your cookies between tries you may be able to send multiple submissions, depending on the technology they have used.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks - but I'm off cookies for Lent...


Prodnose: That is neither true nor funny.
Self: My readers love me anyway.
Prodnose: Nor is that.
Self: Whose blog is this anyway: get out!

Ttony said...

Multiple computers in this house, and the option of dynamic IP reassignment.

Vote early, vote often.

Ben Trovato said...

Dynamic Hip Replacement?... (Not that I'm technologically illiterate or anything).

Helen London said...

The Government proposes to redefine the meaning of the word marriage. A country where the Government decides arbitrarily what words mean is not a good place to be. In fact, it's 1984 to the life.

Ben Trovato said...


Yes, 1984 in that respect, but more Brave New World in many others, I think.

Either way, not a great place; except we are here and we are now, and that is not outside Our Lord's will, so perhaps we should join Peter in declaring: 'Tis good, Lord, to be here...