Sunday, 18 March 2012

Laetare! and Mothering Sunday

Alas, no rose vestments at the Parish Mass this morning.  Father said the Parish doesn't own any - in tones of relief.  Would it be naughty to donate some?

However, Bernie pulled of a real coup de theatre by coming home (unbeknownst to her mother) late last night, and thus being here to greet her for Mothering Sunday along with Charlie and Dominique!

A propos this morning's Mass, why is it deemed better to have a lay person read the readings, rather than a priest who has studied Sacred Scripture to a high level at seminary?  This morning's readings were rendered almost unintelligible by a well-intentioned but clearly ignorant reader: saying concentrating for consecrating, for example (and many other similar slips), and dividing the sentences into clauses that emptied them of meaning.

However, the sun is shining, Mrs T has three of her brood at home, the breakfast table was covered with flowers and home-made cards (including from the absent Antoinette), so a suitable Laetare atmosphere prevails.


Mothering Sunday Challenge: Who did which card? Whose is missing?  Why?

Card A

Card B

Card C

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