Friday, 16 December 2011


A recent post about Mass on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, prompted a bit of discusion in the Comms box.

Part-time Pilgrim wrote:
What lies behind this is (I think) the idea - correct idea - that fulfilling your Sunday obligation is necessary to keep the third commandment but not sufficient. A more interesting question is: "What else should a Catholic do on Sunday to mark it as the Lord's day?"
A great question!

We also go to Adoration and Benediction, once a month (that's all that's on offer).  We also do 'Sunday Morning Religion' with the kids: typically reading and discussing a chapter of Sheed, Knox (Mons R, not the other chap) or something.

We abstain from work (and shopping of course), as best we can (though sometimes the kids remember urgent homework, and occasionally I have a work crisis that needs addressing before Monday, usually due to poor planning...) and often go for a family walk, and sometimes play games around the fire.

But other than that, we don't do a lot to differentiate.  I'd be intrigued to hear what others do.

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Lazarus said...

This is one of the areas we fall down on quite badly. When the children were younger, we would take walks, go to museums etc. But as the older ones became teenagers, other than Mass -which dominates the morning -we've allowed (eg) increasing work burdens to dominate (my wife regularly has to work Sundays and I always have a pile of things that 'need' doing) and haven't put up a sufficient struggle to resist these pulls.