Thursday, 22 December 2011

Everyone was so upset the baby turned out to be healthy...

Where on earth would one expect to come across such a comment?

When the healthy child survived the attempted abortion, was delivered alive, but allowed to die, because it was thought to be unwanted (though in fact the mother had been scared into having the abortion by medics telling her the child was severely handicapped).

Here's how the Independent reported the NHS Medical Director's reaction:
Richard Blunt, medical director of the Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust, said that no attempt to resuscitate the baby was made, despite it appearing healthy, because Ms James was undergoing a termination. "If you do a termination late in pregnancy then [the foetus] comes out in one piece ... and that therefore it may be alive and kicking. This is the dreadful thing. [The foetus] did not have any major physical abnormalities, but it would require a post-mortem to establish any internal problems. Everyone was so upset it turned out to be healthy."

This was back in 1994 (the report is from 1996), but I don't remember coming across it then.

Read the full article, weep and pray...

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Mike Cliffson said...

Implication being that if it HAD been a corrrrect diagnosis of handicap,, even of someone valued by the world like hawkins(or kepler, born a runt)twould have been smiles all round.
Not worried cause past babyhood ?.Frankly, we haven't been. Like that thing for the nazis, then they came for..

Well, they're starting -just- to come for us now.