Sunday, 9 October 2011

We adore...

One of the things I found most lamentable and most reprehensible in the out-dated translation of the Mass was the omission of the words 'we adore' from the Gloria.

It is wonderful to have them back.

Compare the Latin, the old translation and the new here:

Latin: Adoramus te

Old translation:

(that's right, nothing at all!)

New translation: We adore you.

I call that an improvement.


Patricius said...

Indeed and the Eucharistic Prayers are wonderful. They actually sound as if they are addressing God. (Not a lot to ask, really)

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, we had EP1 today, something approaching the Roman Canon; I could happily dispense with all the others and return to the notion of one universal, uniform, unvarying Eucharist Prayer.

But certainly in the new translations they sound a lot more Catholic - and as you point out, a lot more like prayer - than heretofore.