Sunday, 9 October 2011

We Sacrifice...

Even more than the Adoremus (see last post) one of the things one really notices in comparing the traditional Roman rite (EF) with the old translation of the Ordinary Form, is the lack of sacrificial language.

Personally, I regret the change in the offertory prayers. In the traditional offertory, there is constant reference to sacrifice: that was all lost in the old translation. Now at least we find the word oblation has been used instead of gifts, which introduces a sacrificial dimension...

This is one of the things that distinguishes a Catholic understanding of the Mass from most protestants' understanding of The Lord's Supper. We believe that we are participating in the re-presentation of the Son's sacrifice to the Father, not just a memorial of it.

For that reason, in the heady days of the 60s and 70s when people really believed that wholesale rapprochement with Protestantism was possible, sacrificial language was played down. Alas, the only result seems to have been a loss of Catholic understanding.

So now the Holy Father, in his wisdom, is re-establishing by word (eg the new translation) and practice (eg his manner of distributing Holy Communion) proper Catholic belief. Ad multos annos!

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