Saturday, 22 January 2011

The way we live now...

From the BBC WWWsite:

This week a study revealed that one in eight UK children rarely or never see their father.
So can one man have 13 children by eight different partners, have married six times and still be a good father? Well, ask Steve Ginger.
"I try to be a good dad," says the 49-year-old, who lives in a Bedfordshire village along with wife number six and three of his four stepchildren.
Steve's first two marriages lasted just a few weeks and yielded no children. He admits to spending a wedding night with someone other than his new bride.
The next four marriages were more productive, as were the relationships with four further women.
Steve has 13 children, plus one of disputed paternity who calls him dad. Their ages range from four to 27, and around half are now adults.

The BBC, ever mindful of its mission to educate and to present balanced stories, naturally accompany this with both the research on the impact on children of broken relationships, and comments from a prominent pro-traditional-family campaigner.
Oh, wait a moment...

Perhaps more surprisingly, they didn't even comment on the fact that the man had clearly had 'unprotected' sex with a series of women.

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