Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sauce for the goose but not for the gay

A Christian couple who run a hotel in Cornwall have lost a legal case brought by a pair of homosexual men who complained that their policy of only allowing married couples to stay in double rooms was discriminatory.

So no Christian can now run a hotel in accordance with traditional Christian beliefs.

This apparently is all about equality.

Yet strangely, equality is a one-way street. It is apparently perfectly ok to advertise:

Guyz Hotel has been run as a gay hotel for the past 24 years,
and is one of the most popular and longest established gay
hotels in Blackpool, catering for gay couples, singles and
groups who want a gay environment
with quality accommodation.
Previously voted 3rd best gay hotel in UK!!

Just in case that is not clear, this is indeed a hotel that excludes anyone except homosexual men:

Guyz is a GENUINE Gay Hotel.
That means it is a hotel owned and run BY gay people FOR gay people,
but beware there are some straight owned ‘Pink Pound’ friendly Hotels
locally that display the pride flag trying to cash in on gay money,
and it isn’t until you check in that you discover they may be mixed, or even have
STAG & HEN parties staying.!!!
If you are specifically looking for a Gay Hotel be sure to ask if it is exclusively
gay when booking to avoid possible disappointment.

Clearly, the legal, political and social developments in this country are nothing to do with equality, but rather pro-homosexual and anti-Christian.

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