Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Failing School

Imagine a Catholic School in a major city.

It has committed parents, children from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and from all social strata, including a disproportionate number from poorer backgrounds; it has a higher than expected number of children with special educational needs.

The children attend Mass weekly, say the Angelus daily, and make the sign of the cross at the start of lessons.

It has outstanding academic results, and has produced vocations from both staff and pupils in both of the last two years.

Clearly it is a failing school.

Fortunately, the diocesan education service has recognised this as a priority to address, and has ousted the governors, replacing them with people whom the diocese can rely on to impose the necessary changes to bring the school into line.

For more information, you could try contacting the diocese - but you will get no response, of course. Or you could look at the information put out by the disaffected parents. And then pray.


Richard Collins said...

This is a scandal and a disgrace for Westminster Diocese. Why won't Archbishop Nichols step in to right the wrong?

Ben Trovato said...

Why indeed?

Some fear he has stepped in and that's the problem...