Thursday, 6 May 2010

Scowl, me?...

Following my contributions to his blog (though who can say whether it is post hoc propter hoc) Val F. has closed his blog to comments from any but team members.

He wants to ignore 'the scowling "Soldiers of Orthodoxy" as they (I?) 'rant and lampoon me as they may.'

Given I only visited his blog at his invitation (an univited spam email in my inbox - see my previous post) I feel that's a little ungrateful.

Also given that the headline on the blog is:' Life: Better when we engage', I am surprised at his reluctance to engage with ideas other than his own.

But his portrayal of me (if it is me) as scowling is a miss, a palpable miss: I was laughing like a drain. Perhaps he meant Berenike (whose picture, it must be said, is scowling a bit...)


berenike said...

Have you not read the Moomins?!

I am sad not to be able to find the scowling quote :/

Ben Trovato said...

Moomins! Of course! It has been a very long time...

Try for scowling quotation. It's in the last, long, comment by Val.