Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A good read

In fact 'a good read' is understating it.

I have been re-reading Mons Ronald Knox's sermons on Our Lord's parables and have been bowled over: his insights are so profound and challenging - and parables that I thought I knew well (and some that one almost passes over as one-liners) take on whole new depths of meaning. The worrying thing is that I am RE-reading, and have clearly forgotten everything I learned first time around... Live and don't learn, that's my motto.

(Also re-reading PG Wodehouse Golf Stories - less spiritually rich, perhaps, but wonderfully crafted!)


madame evangelista said...

One of my favourite little CTS booklets is Ronald Knox's 'Gospel of St Paul'. I'd like to read more by him, thanks for the recommendation.

Ben Trovato said...

Mme E

The ones I'm referring to are published in his collected Pastoral Sermons: all very good.

Particular favourites of mine, however, are his Slow Motion books (Creed in SM, Mass in SM) which are superb.

But you really can't go wrong with Knox.

BTW as a joke he once placed the following ad in the Church Times, who never noticed (I assume) it was really a silly limerick:

Evangelical vicar in want of a portable second-hand font would dispose of the same for a portrait (in frame) of the Bishop-Elect of Vermont.

berenike said...

Biblia Wodehousiana


That should take the scowl off your face :)

Ben Trovato said...

I don't know if I was scowling before but am certainly smiling now, having just clicked on the link!

Thanks - didn't know about this.

PGW one of my all-time favourites.