Sunday, 23 May 2010


We all (except Ant who is at University) went to the EF Mass at Lancaster Cathedral for the feast of Pentecost. The Schola was a bit depleted this morning; some of the chant sounded lovely, but some a little hesitant. However the organist was fantastic, particularly his improvised fantasia on Veni Creator Spiritus after Mass.

As ever, struck by the beauty and prayerfulness of the traditional 'Extraordinary Form' of the Mass. It is a shame that there were so few people in the congregation.

The kids and I (but not Anna) are sad that we are not on the way to Chartres this year: many friends are and we wish we could be with them, but we are beset by exams... They will have had their Pentecost Mass at a makeshift, but very beautiful, altar in the woods. And as I write, they will be finishing the 35 or so miles they have walked today, and be collapsing into the campsite.

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