Thursday 9 April 2009

The Great Condom Con Part Four: The Culture of Condomania

Of course to push condoms in this kind of non-judgemental way (see previous post) requires a special sort of person. It also has a corrupting effect on those who do it. I’m not merely talking about fpa and Brook (about whom more later), but teachers and health professionals.

Consider, for example, the NHS’s ‘educative' website (nb not for the fainthearted - or the pure hearted come to that), which apart from promoting the philosophy of ‘sex as fun’ (One thing's for sure, the risk of picking up or passing on a STI is no reason not to have sex,) is also full of inaccurate information: ‘You don't need to sleep around to get an STI - anyone who has sex without a condom is at risk.’ That of course is simply not true: chaste couples are at no risk of STIs, but clearly the notion of a chaste couple is simply inconceivable to our helath educators.

The NHS even encourage kids to write and distribute porn films: 'Create your own story for a 70s porn film, starring whoever you like, and then send it to your mates to spread the word about condoms.' All paid for with tax-payers' money intended for health care.

And then there are Brook and fpa: these are people who, set up as charities, make their living primarily from promoting sexual licence, then seeking to limit the consequences of it, particularly by the large scale provision of abortions. See their www sites for details of how depraved they are. And these are the people continually deferred to and held up as the arbiters of wisdom by policy-makers!

It is surely no coincidence that when Brook arrives in an area, the levels of STIs and abortions are more likely to increase than decrease; just as South Tyneside, targetted as an area of intense sex education saw a rise in abortions and STIs.

Another side effect is that we no longer trust medics and nurses. We expect our professionals to have high ethical standards. If my accountant colludes with my attempts to evade paying taxes, I have less respect for him, not more; if my lawyer gets me off the hook when he and I know I was actually guilty, I have less respect for him, not more. And if my doctor takes a non-judgemental approach to something which I know to be wrong, guess what... And doctors wonder why, as a profession they are less respected than ever before.

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