Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Great Day Out

Yesterday being a Bank Holiday, and everywhere heaving with tourists, we took off for a remote walk.

We drove to a valley some 12 miles away, climbed into the hills for a couple of hours, past mountain lakes and streams, till we got onto a summit at noon for the Regina Caeli. Then had a long and leisurely ridge walk, eventually, after a picnic lunch, dropping down onto the hills above our village, saying the rosary, and so home after about six and a half hours..

We did pass a few people on the way, but it was mainly memorable for the singing of the skylarks, the fabulous views, and the sight of a herd of wild deer.
And the conversation: one of the great things about walking is the chance to chat with everyone at some stage in the day about everything and nothing, And the kids form and re-form different groupings to talk and play with each other. So at any moment one or two fo them might be walking or talking with me or Anna or both, and two or three will be playing with each other, or discussing the meaning of life or singing their favourite songs. Today Bernie had her new camera with her, so was taking millions of pictures, too.

Somewhere en route, I decided that I would take Charlie and Dominique to Chartres: just because Ant and Bernie can't go this year (exams) is no reason to deprive the little ones....

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