Tuesday, 23 January 2007

More on homosexuality

While it’s still legal to say so, and before the thought police are given their full warrant, I would mention that this counter-cultural father thinks it iniquitous to place children with homosexual couples: it is being done for political correctness rather than in the interests of the children.

I go further and maintain that homosexual behaviour is clearly deviant: to say that it is natural because a number of people are born that way is fatuous. Many may be born with a prediliction to murder, or paedophilia, or stamp collecting, come to that - it tells us nothing about whether such things are good, bad or neutral.

What is interesting in the recent debates is that the libertarian argument (it’s nobody else’s business what two consenting adults get up to...) seems to be a one way street. Two consenting adults who agree to run a bed and breakfast which excludes practicing homosexuals will soon find that it’s somebody else’s business.

Moreover, the gay rights lobby is moving well out of the field of what individuals get up to, and into the fields of public policy and education.

So how does a counter cultural parent respond?

Well, kids are not stupid: they can pretty soon see that sex is about babies and bonding. The tougher issue is helping them to recognise the dysfunctionality (and dangerous nature) of homosexual behaviour without that turning into a prejudice against people who find themselves drawn to it. But that, I believe, is a lesson worth learning.


Anonymous said...

I think one thing people are missing here is the impact on the children:

Whether homosexuality is right or wrong, kids will get ridiculed and bullied intensely if they have two mums or two dads; and is it psychologically good for a child to have two times one gender of parent, and none of the other. I am not against single-parent households--I grew up in one--but two of the same gender!?

Ben Trovato said...

Yes, clearly this is driven by an agenda which does not start with the needs of the children.

As well as the problems you identify, other issues include the research that suggests homosexual men are far more prone to depression than married men, and that homosexual relationships tend to have a much higher likelihood of breaking up.

lar said...

Moreover, the gay rights lobby is moving well out of the field of what individuals get up to, and into the fields of public policy and education.

On the education issue, check out a recent post of mine for a frightening example:

teach your children well [if the state allows]

Ben Trovato said...


yes, the state (in both the UK and the USA) thinks it knows best. The agenda is firmly against traditional morla values and the indoctirnation is becoming increasingly stgrident from an increasingly early age.

Home schooling looks a good option - it will be interesting to see how long it takes the state to outlaw that (as I understand is already the case in Germany).