Sunday, 21 January 2007

It all ends in tears...

An interesting occurrence at school the other day. Ant’s class were talking about IVF and embryo experimentation. Ant managed to get more and more worked up at the fact that nobody seemed even to notice that there was a moral question involved here, to the point where she felt that she needed to leave the class. She raised her hand to ask to be excused and promptly burst into tears (this is an absolute first! And given that she’s sixteen a very embarrassing one for her).

However it transpired that the minute she was out of the door, the conversation turned to what could have upset her, and a number of the kids piled in on how questionable the whole business was. Her teacher was good about it too, saying that she had been about to go into how many people felt extremely srongly about the issue - and Ant demonstrated that, provoking exactly the discussion the teacher wanted.

And none of the kids has been anything but supportive of her about the incident.

So while it was most unpleasant for her, it had some very interesting consequences.

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