Wednesday 14 June 2017

The Q Letter...

I have just been comparing letters written by the Archbishop of Liverpool, and the Bishop of Leeds. Whilst they are different (Liverpool, hereafter L, runs to 17 lines, and Leeds, hereafter... oh, L won't really work, will it?... How about L2? is shorter, at 13) there is substantial similarity.

The second paragraph of L is word-for-word the same as the second paragraph of L2; and the third paragraph of each is significantly similar, though with some slight verbal variants.

Initially, I assumed that the outbreak of plagiarism that has infected Made in God's Image was contagious, and our revered bishops had fallen victim to it. 

But then I realised that there is another possible explanation. Perhaps there is a common source document - let us call it Q - which both letters are derived from.

That explanation could also resolve the vexed question of the similarities of the CES document and the Stonewall and LGBTYouth Scotland documents. Perhaps there is a proto-propaganda document (let us call it Q1) from which they are all derived, and the CES is exonerated from all suggestion of plagiarism or collusion.

I think we should be told...

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Ttony said...

If Ladbroke's offered odds on such things, I'd bet that there would be a direct correlation between Bishops responding to letters about the CES using Q and Bishops who supported the Pope's alleged views on communion for remarried divorcees.

The horror of Bishops addressing the faithful through form letters without declaring them as such as well. I wonder if they even know.